Sunday, 15 September 2013

Bad Touch Unplugged - Gemini, Dereham - 14/09/2013

There's was a different, more laid back atmosphere to gig day this Saturday as I approached the Gemini, Dereham for Bad Touch Unplugged. Running late meant I missed most of the warm up, a jamming session between lead singer Steve, drummer George, and Steve's friend Ali.

It's not the usual venue for a rock gig, a 'Meet & Eat' bar, packed with families chatting over plates full of pub classics. Tucked away to the left of the front door, the band were set up facing half of the would-be restaurant, cleared to allow space for the fans who piled into the Gemini.

Unusually, the band members positioned themselves on chairs and stools (and the beat box for George) and, after a few PA adjustments, introduced 'Water's edge', followed by Rolling Stones classic 'Jumping Jack flash'.

The acoustic version of second single 'Too late' came next, before the boys slowed things down with Bon Jovi's 'Wanted dead or alive'.

It was a hometown gig for the boys, and this was obvious with the amount of people singing along to the original Bad Touch tracks, including 'Call for me', 'Preacher' and 'Lock & Load', and the die-hards were treated to an inaugural acoustic performance of new song 'See you again'. Steve dedicated the track to his friend Ali, who wrote it with him almost 10 years ago.

Thoroughly spoiled, the audience was also introduced to another brand new song 'Good on me', a catchy upbeat number written about wearing womens' jeans – a topic close to the heart of a couple of band members who I won't mention.

Ironically, ZZ Top's 'Sharp dressed man' came next in a set completely different to the norm. It was nice to see the boys in a different environment, casually dressed, perched on stools, enjoying themselves and having a laugh still as they do at every single show.

Paying homage again to Led Zeppelin, and with a couple of tributes to legends Skin and Guns & Roses, the set took fans on a journey through the history of Bad Touch, from their idols and inspirations, to their own musical beginnings and more recent efforts, right through to brand new barely out-of-the-studio originals.

The busy weekend continues for the boys as they head to Ipswich to perform in the finals of the Insane Rock Festival courtesy of Lord Bishop at the Railway Venue – great preparation for their set at the Epic Rock House Reunion next Saturday.

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