Saturday, 13 July 2013

Dave Evans & Bad Touch - The Railway, Ipswich - 11/07/2013

The Bad Touch faithful descended on The Railway Venue Ipswich on Thursday evening as the boys performed in support of AC/DC's original singer, Dave Evans and his band in an evening of top quality rock & roll.

With plenty of support travelling to the Suffolk capital, Bad Touch took the familiar stage to belt out a 40 minute set packed with high energy classics, kicking off with 'Set the night on fire' and 'Dr Heartbreak'.

Introducing himself and the rest of the band, Stevie used their nicknames from the official video for second single 'Too Late' – Moustache introduced Seeks, Ginger and Hair, stopping short of revealing Rob G's nickname through fear of the evil glare.

'Too late' duly followed, along with 'Morning light' and 'New day' before the boys had a bit of fun with 'Preacher', Rob G showing his rhythm & blues roots off to perfection on lead guitar with an extended instrumental.

Latest single 'Mirror man' and Led Zeppelin classic 'Rock & Roll' came next, and Stevie thanked everyone he could think of – a gratitude sadly lacking from the headlining act - before the boys finished with fans' favourite 'Down'.

It was time for Dave Evans to take to the stage as a few more fans filtered through the doors, and as one of the founder members of the legendary AC/DC, there was a sense of expectation from the audience, and he didn't disappoint, starting his set with the one single he recorded with the band 'Can I sit next to you girl' and its B-side 'Rockin in the parlour'.

Performing tracks from his own back catalogue, including 'We don't dance to your song' and 'Judgement day', Dave Evans provided a good blend of originals and AC/DC covers, as well as showing off his UK band in an epic guitar solo in 'Baby please don't go'.

Finishing on a high, he belted out the classics 'TNT', 'Highway to hell' and 'Whole lotta Rosie' before abruptly leaving the stage while the crowd shouted for more. Dave and his band duly obliged with 'Let there be rock'. 

Another successful night at the Railway as the crowd dispersed with the sounds of rock & roll through the ages ringing in their ears; which will hopefully have recovered for Bad Touch's afternoon performance at the Willow Festival, Peterborough on Sunday 14th July. The boys go on stage at 1:40pm, but get there early to claim your spot in the sunshine.

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