Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Bad Touch & Tim Frost - Cherry Tree, Dereham, 06/07/2013

Having watched Bad Touch perform in cities and towns around the UK, from London to Liverpool, nothing really compares to seeing them on their own turf. The boys came home this Saturday evening, packing out the Cherry Tree for a record-breaking night in the little pub on the corner.

The sun had been scorching all day, and the beer garden was packed hours before the support act even took to the stage; there was a sense of anticipation in the air – it was going to be a great night.

Good friend of Bad Touch, Tim Frost performed first with a brilliantly different guitar instrumental session. With the help of best friend Stevie managing the backing track, Tim bravely took to the stage with nothing for support but his guitar and effects pedal.

Despite his nerves, Tim played plenty of songs from his new album, including 'Legacy', 'Infinity Ground' and the impressive 'Determination'. Despite the lack of vocals, Tim's music takes you on a journey and it's clear he's really passionate about what he does.

With a rocky edge and a few nods to his former life in a local metal band, 40 minutes simply fly by. Tim has a genuine humbleness about him which is endearing, and makes you enjoy his performance all the more. He will be supporting Wicked Faith at the Suffolk Punch, Lowestoft of Friday 12th July, so get there if you can and show your support.

As Tim Frost completed his set, the band members started to emerge from all corners of the pub – and did a quick sound check using the classic 'All right now' to get the crowd in the party mood, before a needless introduction to Bad Touch and their first single 'Set the night on fire'.

The pub was absolutely packed, and with dozens squeezed into the bar where the band were set up, it was roasting hot and Stevie was feeling it, losing his shirt to reveal a tank top after only a couple of tracks.

The rest of the boys managed, somehow, to stay fully clothed as 'Whole lotta Rosie', 'Dr Heartbreak' – performed amazingly by Bailey on bass - and 'Too late' followed in a blow-your-ears-off opening, gratefully received by the large audience.

Playing to so many familiar faces must be quite a nervy experience, but they didn't let it show at all as 'Call for me' and 'Morning light' were belted out with passion and power, before the boys finally took a bit of a break performing Bon Jovi's rock ballad 'Wanted dead or alive'.

Bad Touch have come a long way since their first ever gig in Dereham, and they've picked up plenty of tips along the way making their performances tight and professional from start to finish, and their songwriting skills were shown in 'New day' 'Lying and losing' and 'Water's edge'.

The set-list was dotted with some classic rock covers done Bad Touch style, and Thin Lizzy's 'Whiskey in the jar' came as a welcome surprise, followed by Rob G's mesmerising guitar performance in the original classic 'Preacher'.

The tempo was rapidly increased again as 'Outta the dark' and 'Poison in a pretty dress' almost lifted the roof off the Cherry Tree – both are such party anthems with catchy tag lines and great drum beats, which gave George the opportunity to show his skills with the sticks.

Rob and Seeks worked together in perfect harmony for 'Sweet home Alabama', before Stevie introduced the latest single 'Mirror Man'. As the long show came to a close, 'One last chance', a mainstay of the Bad Touch set-list, and the anthem 'Down', reverberated around the pub to rapturous applause .

With the crowd screaming for more, the boys duly obliged with 'Sweet child of mine'. If it was their choice, I think the Dereham faithful would have had a 3 hour encore, especially as it'll be another two months before the band return, this time at the Gemini on 21st September.

Next, Bad Touch travel to the Railway Venue, Ipswich this Thursday 11th July, to support Dave Evans, the original singer of the legendary AC/DC, before heading to Peterborough for an afternoon performance at the Willow Festival on Sunday 14th.

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